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WHY are we planting 1,000,000 trees?

Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) is soon going to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. The celebrations will commence on 28th October 2017 and conclude on 28th October 2018. Various activities have been planned for that year such as workshops, seminars, colloquia and choir competitions. In addition, the One Million Trees Campaign will be launched with the motto: “Adopt a Tree – Preserve the Earth – Support SEKOMU”!

Our Vision is to be a leading African institution of higher learning that fully recognizes and actively professes the human value and dignity of all society members, including people with disabilities, and whereby everyone is able to learn and live in harmony with God, fellow human beings and all creation.

We need to raise funds in order to support SEKOMU’s vision! Funds that will be raised as trees are adopted will be used in improving infrastructure, buying equipment, training personnel and engaging in research. In particular, we plan to expand and deepen our special and inclusive education programmes.

We must preserve the earth! SEKOMU runs the programme of BSc in Eco-tourism and Nature Conservation since 2009. We will soon start the MSc in Nature Conservation and Management. Basing on our experience, we know that humanity today cannot claim to leave a legacy to future generations if the trend is not reversed. The wealth of creation which we use today is borrowed from our children and grandchildren. Our responsibility is to preserve it. At SEKOMU we have decided that the least we can do to this end is to plant trees during the forthcoming celebrations of our university. By so doing, the celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of SEKOMU will also be a tribute to God’s creation.

WHERE are we going to plant the trees?

We are planning to have 1,000,000 trees planted in different places within the area of Magamba and in different areas of our diocese which geographically covers the whole of Tanga region. Planting 1,000,000 trees in a year means planting

 83,333 trees in a month

19,230 trees in a week

2, 740 trees in a day

Bishop Burkat

Bishop Claire Burkat and Theophany Remmi embracing each other when they met at SEKOMU. Theophany who was a pupil at Irente Rainbow School from 2005 to 2016 has been working at SEKOMU since May 2017.

WHEN is the project beginning?

On 28th October 2017 when we open the celebrations, we will plant the first 2,740 trees - 1260 trees in Magamba, 1000 in Bumbuli where we have the Clinical Officers’ Training Centre and 480 in Tanga.

The schedule showing dates and places for planting the remaining trees will soon be released.

WHO can adopt trees?

All Friends of SEKOMU are welcome to adopt trees. All who wish SEKOMU prosperity and well-being; all who want to see SEKOMU bearing fruits abundantly, from all-over the world, are invited to adopt trees.

There is an African saying that goes as follows: “If you want your neighbour to give you food, you should at least have something in your pot.” In Kiswahili it reads: “Ukitaka kuomba mboga kwa mwenzako, lazima uwe na ka kwako kalikochacha!”

Basing on that wisdom, the Management team of SEKOMU has started to show the way by adopting 100 trees. Staff members and students are also preparing themselves to adopt trees.

Friends of SEKOMU from other parts of the world have also started to adopt trees:

Bishop Claire Burkat from South Eastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (SEPA-ELCA) visited the diocese in June 2017. We had the honour to invite her to SEKOMU. Bishop Burkat has adopted 8 trees!

Pastor Dyan Lawlor and four members from one of the SEPA-ELCA congregations, Upper Dublin, visited SEKOMU in the beginning of August 2017. While promising to encourage Upper Dublin congregants to adopt trees, they adopted 6!

Mama Munga

Pastor Dyan, Stephanie, Deborah, Andrew and Kevin from Upper Dublin together with Mama Munga

HOW much does it cost to adopt a tree?

The cost for one tree is TZS. 25,000/=. TZS. 25,000/= ONLY! From this amount, TZS. 10,000/= will cover costs for preparing tree plants, transportation and caring for the trees. The remaining TZS. 15,000/= will go to SEKOMU’s work.

You can also send money through the following bank account:

Bank: CRDB

Branch: Korogwe


Number: 0150098857100.

You can also use our SEKOMU USD ACCOUNT -  02J1098857100.

For enquiries you may contact the following:

Vice Chancellor: +255789 738164.

Dean of Faculty of Science: +255719 185604.  

E-mail addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.